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The Regina Georges Of The World Will Pay For Being Mean Later In Life, Study Promises

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The Regina Georges Of The World Will Pay For Being Mean Later In Life  Study Promises regina george 640x360 jpg

Here’s some good news for myself and every other girl who never got kissed by a football player during high school: Apparently, being a cool kid growing up means you might just be a loser at life, according to a new study.

A decade-long study by researchers at the University of Virginia found that teens who tried to act cool in early adolescence — you know, the girls who were french-kissing boys on trampolines over the weekend, and the dudes who were kissing them back — are more likely than their peers who didn’t act cool to experience a range of problems in early adulthood.

According to a professor who led the study, the so-called “cool” behavior, while linked to early popularity, meant problems later in life. While the “cool” behavior guaranteed attention as teenagers, the cool kids needed to take on more and more extreme behaviors to try to appear cool as they grew older, leading to problems like serious criminal behavior, alcohol and drug use, and more.

By the time they reached young adulthood, these “previously cool’ teens appeared less competent than their less cool peers. While it’s bad news for the Regina Georges of the world, it’s good news for those who constantly feel awkward growing up, aka, me.

Maybe I’ll even thank my mom for the horrendous bowl cut…but probably not.