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Company Sells Fruit Flavored Icy Penises To Kids, Sorry We Mean Popsicles

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Company Sells Fruit Flavored Icy Penises To Kids  Sorry We Mean Popsicles rocket pops 640x426 jpgParents in Sweden are getting a bit of a laugh over some kinky frozen treats. Ice cream brand GB Glace has released a kind of popsicle that apparently looks a little more phallic than expected. The pops are supposed to look like rockets, but look slightly more like wieners.

Aren’t most popsicles somewhat penis shaped? GB Glace’s rocket pops are a bit more phallic than most, but it’s not like they come complete with urethras and pubes. They aren’t totally sexually explicit, but they do look like icy dildos.

The parents quoted in the original article on the penis-pops seem more amused than outraged over the kind of sexual looking dessert, but I’m sure some parents are flipping their lids considering the fact that people are the worst. To anyone who might be upset that they bought genital looking ice creams for their precious babies: children aren’t simulating fellatio while eating popsicles. When kids indulge in freezer treats, they’re hopefully not thinking about slobbering over a big old throbbing hard-on, so what does it matter if an ice pop doesn’t look much like a rocket?

Here is a picture of the popsicle in an advertisement:

Company Sells Fruit Flavored Icy Penises To Kids  Sorry We Mean Popsicles penis pop1 png

You can see pictures of the actual popsicles that are not promotional images over at The Daily Dot. I wish these were sold in the US so that I could sample one and see how it truly compares to a penis. In my experience, penises are not rainbow colored, ice-cold, sticky-sweet and presented on a stick. Maybe penises are different in Sweden.

H/T Daily Dot//Image via GB Glace