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Polymer clay artist: Krissy Fernandez

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Krissy Fernandez, of Junk & PO, shared her wonderful cupcake series with us!  She calls them the “No Fat, No Sugar, No Calorie Cupcakes (…. Without all the artificial stuff.)”  Isn't that great!  I can imagine simply hanging one of these off of a plain cord necklace.

Here's more from Krissy:


These are the perfect cupcakes for all you health nuts! And if you're not a health nut (like me), even better — these cupcakes are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! Each cupcake necklace is one of a kind, and I’m not just talking about its handmade nature. You will never see one with the exact same variation of colors, accents, and quirky style. For that reason, these cupcakes are numbered, and each number is pretty much its own bar code. They also come with a special photo ID card indicating what number it is in the collection.


=The Art of Cupcaking=

I really enjoy making these polymer cuties because each one I complete is totally different from the next – kind of like meeting a new person every hour (and yes, that’s how long it takes me to make one cupcake). Some cupcakes are outrageously wild, while others are sophisticated and chic. When I sell these at craft shows, I actually get to meet the people that these cupcakes are destined to be with. You can definitely see someone’s character shine through just by seeing what cupcake they purchase – because all my cupcakes have a distinct exclusiveness to it just as each person would have too!

=The Artist=

My dad once told me that it's okay to color outside of the lines, heck, on the walls if I wanted to, and I haven't stopped exploring my creativity since — thus, the reason why I just can't seem to settle on one medium or style. It's just too much fun trying to absorb anything and everything I can about what inspires and fascinates me. I also get “un-fascinated” pretty fast so my mind is constantly racing for new things to keep me from losing it. Screw compromising a vision to have a defined style – Art isn't just a marketable business. I'm in it for the growth of my own soul. However, I'd love for you to be a part of it.

Source of inspiration: cute & creepy things, the awkward & obscure, hip hop, lowbrow art movement, and life.

Location: Now resides in San Diego, CA after moving from Guam four years ago