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Poll: Should These Sexy Yearbook Photos Be Allowed?

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Poll  Should These Sexy Yearbook Photos Be Allowed  SPIES jpgYesterday I wrote about what I called “Sexist Censorship” with 18-year-old Sydney Spies being denied the opportunity to include her photo of choice in her high school’s yearbook. And even though the teen–and her mother–defended her right to “express” herself with an “artsy” photo, some of you didn’t agree.

Gayle wrote:

Neither one of those photos are appropriate for a yearbook. If it’s an outfit you’re not allowed to wear to school then it shouldn’t be featured in the yearbook. Perfect for Playboy but not a school yearbook!

Deidre Allen commented:

She looks like a whore. I wouldn’t allow my teenaged daughter out of the house dressed like that, let alone take her senior pictures in that get-up.

Val wrote:

There’s no way that outfit adheres to school dress codes. If you can’t wear it to school, you shouldn’t wear it in your yearbook photo. That said, a lot of high school cheerleading outfits don’t cover much more than that (often less!). Make them all cover up!

Julie Moore even added:

Sexist Censorship?? Please fire this writer now.

Although I’m not quite sure what that last comment means, I do find it somewhat amusing that people are getting into such an uproar over a photo. It’s not like there is any pornography or nudity here, and the photos are not rude or vulgar. It’s just an awful lot of attention over something so small in the grand scheme of things going on in the world.

Having said that, would I let my own daughter dress like that for a yearbook picture? Probably not. But that’s not really the point. The issue is: Does this teen have a right to express herself the way she wants? And does the yearbook have a right to deny her that? Yes, and maybe. As Val pointed out, schools have to be consistent, and if you look at the way most cheerleaders and dancers dress, there’s hardly a difference. And if girls can’t wear tight, revealing clothes, can guys wear tight t-shirts and shorts? Can they walk around campus shirtless? Should the girl’s swim team be photographed with their bathing suits on?

We know what some of you think, but we want to hear from everyone else. Take our poll below and tell us:

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