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Poll: Is Kelly Ripa a Bad Fitness Role Model?

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Kelly Ripa before the start of the second annual High-Heel-A-Thon in 2008. (Photo: The Insider)

When Kelly Ripa wore heels despite a broken hip on “Live With Regis and Kelly” this Monday, she shocked the audience and doctors, at least one of whom thought that sporting high heels and crutches wasn't a very smart look. Dr. Randall E. Marcus, the department chairman of orthopedics at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, told AOL Health that her footwear choice just increased her risk of falling or losing balance and worsening her injury, and pointed out that Ripa's injury — a stress fracture of the fermoral neck in her right hip — is a serious concern, despite Ripa's jokes about it on TV. “If you keep fatiguing bone cells, circulation is retrograde, and it displaces blood,” he told AOL. “The femoral head can die, and you can end up needing a hip replacement.”

Marcus suspects the injury is exercise-related, saying that stress fractures like hers are usually caused by doing too much activity too fast. Given that Ripa is known for being ripped and sticking to a tough fitness regime (she told Fitness Magazine that she's “addicted” to her workouts), we doubt his suspicions are unfounded. While stress fractures can point to aging, brittle bones, Ripa is only 40; an age that's atypical of most osteoporosis-related injuries.

Ripa's medical records aren't public, so we can't say for sure why her hip is broken, but it does seem like her personal trainers might want to take her workouts down a notch. Do you think her exercise habits are setting a bad example?