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Poll: Is It Worth It To Sneak In A Thanksgiving Workout?

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Earlier this week, readers resoundingly answered that it was time to stop worrying about holiday weight gain. But does that mean bucking your fitness and health plans for the entire Thanksgiving weekend? Is it worth it to sneak away during the festivities to fit in a workout?

Even if you really don’t care about keeping your weight down, exercise is still awesome for your mood, your heart, and just about every other part of your body. But if you’re surrounded with family members and friends during the long holiday break, you may be hesitant to excuse yourself to, say, go for a brisk outdoor run. You also may be faced with a few sideways glances as you’re lacing up during the halftime show. But then again, a bit of you-time spent on snowshoes or at a gym that might be open may be the only want to preserve your sanity when faced with that many relations–or worse, in-laws.

So what do you think? Is trying to get a workout in worth it? Or should we hang up our shoes for a full four days of autumnal fun?

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