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Plastic Jungle Guarantees All Transactions for Gift Cards

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Since we were just discussing a Holiday Gift Guide yesterday, I thought this might be well worth mentioning!

Leading Web site for discount gift card exchanges adds features: PlasticVault manages gift cards, helps people replace them when lost, stolen or damaged.

Here's the Press Release:

Fresno, CA – November 20, 2007 – Plastic Jungle, the leading Web site for discount gift card exchange and services, whether users want to buy, sell or trade pre-owned gift cards, has announced that all of its transactions are guaranteed. Now users can purchase gift cards at substantial savings, offload them for quick cash, or trade them with others without any hesitation since Plastic Jungle assures that every gift card listed on its site is accurate and valid, or they receive their money back.

Plastic Jungle’s gift card guarantee is the first and only in the industry, providing its tens of thousands of registered users with complete protection from fraudulent gift cards. With hundreds of new gift cards added to the site every day, any person who receives a card that is invalid or less than the amount indicated will be reimbursed by Plastic Jungle. The new policy takes effect immediately and applies to all gift cards posted on www.plasticjungle.com

“Online fraud is an issue that concerns anyone who has ever made a transaction over the Internet,” says Tina Henson, founder and CEO of Plastic Jungle. “We have always taken extensive measures to ensure that our user community is protected from fraudulent gift cards, so guaranteeing every transaction was the obvious next step for creating peace of mind. No one ever needs to worry about any of the gift cards posted on Plastic Jungle because we stand behind every one.”

New features ease gift card buying, selling, trading – and replacement

In addition to guaranteeing all transactions, Plastic Jungle has unveiled an array of new features designed to make buying, selling, trading and managing unused gift cards simple and safe. PlasticVault acts as a gift card manager where users enter their entire gift card portfolio, whether or not they plan to use them, sell them or trade them. The secure site can help people replace their gift cards in case they are ever lost, stolen or damaged, plus it tracks the account balances and transactions for all active gift cards registered for sale or trade on Plastic Jungle.

“Gift cards are often thrown in a drawer at home or stuffed into a wallet, but what if there’s a fire or your wallet gets stolen? How will you be able to replace them?” says Henson. “PlasticVault is as much a convenience as it is a virtual safe where your cards will always be kept secure.”

Other new features include GiftGuru, a tool that uses data collected from the site along with other pertinent information including age, gender and relationship to help users identify the right gift card to give to others. Plastic Jungle also created a wish list in which users are notified when a desired card becomes available. Notifications for the wish list as well as all other transactions on Plastic Jungle can now be delivered via text messages. Soon, Plastic Jungle will provide the ability for consumers to mobilize their gift cards, enabling them to check gift card balances.