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Plan a Fall Scavenger Hunt

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scarecrows If you're planning a Halloween or harvest party, a fall theme scavenger hunt will be a fun activity for  children and adults. You can also use the scavenger hunt to help children learn more about nature and the world around them.

Here are some things to use, or hide in your fall scavenger hunt:

  • Leaves- Draw a picture of the leaf, and add the name of the leaf, this is great for teaching children to identify leaves.
  • You can also provide crayons and paper, and have them make a leaf rub.
  • a pumpkin- either hidden in a display, or growing in the garden.
  • an ear of corn
  • an animal's footprint
  • a gourd
  • a feather
  • a fall flower
  • a nut
  • a buckeye
  • a Halloween mask
  • a scarecrow
  • an apple
  • candy

You can add your own ideas to the list, depending on your location and what you have available, but the list above will get you started. Just give them a sheet of paper to check off the items, and break them up into groups. Have a prize for the group that finds everything first.

If it's later in the fall, or gets cold early, you can also plan your game with this winter scavenger hunt list.

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