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Watching This Pizza Hut Manager Pee In The Kitchen Will Remind You That Pizza Hut Is The Grossest

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Pizza Hut Manager Pees Into Sink Caught on Camera

Here he is peeing on the reputation of no one's favorite pizza establishment.

The regional manager of six Pizza Hut franchises in West Virginia has been purged from his job for a truly icky reason. Surveillance footage (you can watch below) caught him urinating in the sink in an area where Pizza Hut Pizzas are prepared to be served to Pizza Hut customers. The camera captured the man, as the New York Daily News puts it, “walking over to the metal sink, unzipping his fly and letting loose. Once he finishes, the man turns on the faucet — not to wash his hands, but presumably to “flush” his urine.” Gross. Pizza Hut isn't exactly a Michelin starred eatery, but the pizza chain allegedly sells food. Food should never ever be prepared where bodily waste is eliminated. Don't shit where you eat; don't pee where you prep food for paying customers.

The Pizza Hut location in question was in a place called Kermit, about 85 miles southwest of Charleston. Though his bathroom antics took place outside of business hours, peeing in a non-bathroom area in a restaurant is never acceptable and always disgusting. It's not like anyone is going to Pizza Hut for the ambiance or delectable menu offerings, but I'm sure even the people who are willing to eat at Pizza Hut would not to know that the management uses their kitchens as bathrooms.

The company did not learn about the manager's sickening move until Tuesday, even though the video is dated January 29, raising the question “How many times and at how many of the six Pizza Hut franchises he manages has he peed in sinks?” Repulsive as he may be, I want to know so many things about the Pizza Hut Pee-er, like why he didn't want to use a toilet? Does he use his personal sinks at home in lieu of bathrooms? Is this a psychological thing or was it a gross power move? Was it just such an emergency that he couldn't make it to the toilet?

Pizza Hut has responded appropriately by firing the un-named manager and publicly stating that they are “embarrassed by the actions of this individual,” as they should be. The Kermit location was promptly shut down by local health officials after the urinator was caught.

Here's what Pizza Hut had to say:

Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved. While the isolated incident occurred during non-business hours and did not involve any food tampering, we follow strict safety and handling procedures and the restaurant has since been closed. We apologize to our customers of Kermit, West Virginia and those in our system who have been let down by this situation.

Thanks for the apology and promptly terminating the worker who insulted the company, its customers and general hygiene with his actions. Hopefully cases like this one will push restaurants be more diligent about keeping their kitchens safe. Unfortunately, in the past actions similar to this have become public, yet disgruntled or perhaps emotionally disturbed employees continue to put their jobs on the line for disgusting behind-the-scenes kicks.

In recent years there have been myriad gross-out tales of employees. The New York Daily News reminds us of the times when “A Burger King employee was fired after he was photographed lying on a bag of buns, a Taco Bell employee was let go after he was caught licking a stack of shells, and a Wendy's employee was pictured eating ice cream directly out of the dispenser,” I also personally can recall a time when a Subway employee instagrammed a picture of their penis on their famously yoga-mat-chemical-containing-bread.

Now, I'm thinking about all the unpalatable goings-on in kitchens around the world that know one will ever know about. :::pukes:::

Here's the surveillance video, if you can stomach it:

via NY Daily News// Image via Shutterstock