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Now You Can Literally Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve With Pizza Hut’s New Clothing Line

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If you can honestly say that you've never wanted a sweatshirt that reads, “Pizza Is Bae,” on it, then you're probably not a true millennial. But if the idea of broadcasting your love for pizza all over your apparel sounds intriguing, then you're very, very lucky. Because pepperoni, hot damn! Pizza Hut has a clothing line. And it's full of pizza-themed swag.

Now, you can literally wear your heart on your sleeve, displaying your true love for pizza everywhere you go. The apparel line includes moisture-wicking pepperoni socks (so you can wear them while you sweat over a nice hot pizza pie), Tribal pizza leggings (so you can stay motivated throughout the duration of your yoga class), and shirts with phrases like, “Pizza Is My Life.”

There's accessories, too. Choose from “Stay Cheesy” trucker hats, pizza sunglasses, and even a pizza-print fleece scarf — both practical, and fashionable.

To further display the deep, deep connection Pizza Hut has with millennials, there's a hoodie displaying the phrase, “Pizza Is Bae.” Could it be any more perfect? Probably not.

Images via Pizza Hut