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25 Pizza Cakes For The Best Pizza Party Ever

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pizza cakeEarlier today, I saw a picture of the above pizza. It's unlike any other pizza I've ever beheld. It's sort of a pizza and layer cake hybrid, no? I'm not one for deep dish, so it doesn't really wet my appetite, but it did get me thinking about the other kind of pizza cake–the kind that is an actual cake disguised as a piping hot pie. Apparently they are very popular for pizza enthusiast's birthday parties. I'll show you.

Bring on the pizza cakes:

1) Some are sort of realistic, using white chocolate shavings and whatnot as dessert cheese.

2) This one has a whole junk food theme going on.3) This looks like a pizza stacked on top of a cake. Are the topping fondant? Marzipan? Who knows?4) Mama Mia, indeed.  5) A pizza cake with a pizza chef you can eat. Dibs on his mustache.
6) Deep dish. 7) Like an ooey gooey cartoon pizza came to life.
8) The checkered napkin is a nice touch. 9) Those cake slices are huge. Love that the cake was presented in a pizza box, like a real pizza. 10) Another checkered napkin accent. 11) Jack must love pizza.
12) This cake looks like a pizza box. Creative! 13) But this giant cake looks like a stack of pizza boxes fit for a killer pizza party. 14) The perfect cake for a card club that loves pizza, I guess.
15) Adorable. 16) Just one big slice. 17) There are a number of pizza cakes themed with the famous pizza loving Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 18) Hold the anchovies! 19) One of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Seems to be face down in the pizza. Is he okay? Why aren't the other turtles helping him? 20) You'll have to pry your pizza cake out of Michelangelo's mutant mouth. 21) The decapitated turtles look happy as though they do not know they will soon be devoured by a group of children. 22) Aww, a wedding cake that looks like pizza. 23) Aww a wedding cake that is a stack of pizzas.24) Cheesy as it may sound, you just know these two pizza lovers are going to live happily ever after. 

25) You may now kiss the pizza.

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