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Helen Mirren A Silver Pink Fox At BAFTA Awards

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Helen Mirren A Silver Pink Fox At BAFTA Awards wenn20124846 e1360606395405 640x514 jpgYet another reason Dame Helen Mirren is an inspiration for awesome aging: The 67-year-old actress showed up at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards Sunday with her hair a gorgeous shade of pastel pink.

Mirren told the Daily Mail:

“I just thought it would be  fun to dye my hair pink. I mean, honestly, I was watching America’s Next Top Model and the season where there were the British girls. … The British girl who won, she had pink hair, and I thought: ‘That looks really pretty.’ So I’m copying her, basically.”

God bless a sexagenarian who’s not afraid to look at a pink-haired teen model and think, ‘yeah, I could rock that too.’ And she does. Pink dye jobs conjure senile old lady stereotypes, but Mirren makes having hair in a shade Marie Antoinette would kill for look glamorous, hip and totally natural for a 67-year-old woman. Love it.