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10 Recipes For Stiff Yet Adorable Pink Cocktails

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Human beings are complicated. It's possible to like neat whiskey and fruity pink cocktails. Some of us just want to look at the world through rose colored wine glasses. There's no shame in wanting your beverages to be adorable. Screw anyone who tells you differently…or throw one of these blushing cocktails in their smug face.

We found 10 recipes for cheery pink cocktails:

1) Pink Fizzdrink

Big chunks of garnish make this less than cutesy and rather grown up looking. via Punchbowl 

2) Hot Pink Barbie Drink hot-pink-barbie-drink

Don't get in your pink Corvette after one of these stiff cocktails. Barbie would never ever drink and drive. She's an astronaut forgodsakes. via Raining Hot Coupons 

3) Pretty in Pink Cocktailpink cocktail 6

This cocktail combines two of my favorite things: cotton candy and champagne. via Fashion Meets Food

4) The Dirty Shirley5287_Dirty-Shirley

I heard someone on TV refer to adult Shirley Temples as Temple Grandins and I liked it. via Stir and Scribble

5) Pink Gin Fizzmed104768_0709_pinkgin_fiz_vert

Leave it to Martha Stewart to concoct something that looks this refreshing. via Martha Stewart 

6) Raspberry Mojitopinkcocktails_2

Doesn't that look like a tall glass of pink diamonds? via Eat Drink Pretty

7) Blueberry-Lemon Fizzblueberry_cocktail

The light pink color is precious, but not too precious. Just imagine eating those booze-soaked berries when you finish your drink. via Camille Styles

8) Pink Cadillac Margaritas pink-cadillac-margaritas-mr-l

I cannot wait for summertime to try this recipe out. via My Recipes 

9) Coconut Water Champagne Fruit Punchcoconutwaterpunch-14

Why haven't I been mixing coconut water into my cocktails this whole time? via Averie Cooks

10) Spicy Beet Bloody Maryd2fee260080508489d6a90b6e2ac58ea

Pink drinks can be savory too. Be still my beet-ing heart (forgive me). via Country Living

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