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This Video of a Pig Escaping the Slaughterhouse Will Make You Avoid Bacon All Weekend

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What has four hooves, tastes like bacon, but refuses to go to the slaughterhouse?

The pig star of this video, who jumped from a moving truck to escape his ill fate.

Hard to believe? Watch it again!

The porky creature was en route to a slaughterhouse in South America, when it decided, “Hell no, I ain't goin'!” (at least, that's what I'm presuming he said), made his way to the top of all of his other pig friends, and leaps overboard.

Elegant swan dive he does not—instead, his high-speed crash to the ground after 10-ft of free falling looks anything but pretty, and it looks like he lands face first.

Nevertheless, the brave little guy rolls back to his feet, and stumbles a little before the video cuts out.

Okay, I don't actually know how his escape went. His insides could be internally bleeding after that big of a fall, or perhaps he suffered a concussion.

But given all the pig-friendly movies I've seen like Babe and Charlotte's Web, combined with other strong, swine characters like Porky Pig, I've got my hopes up for the little (er, big) guy.

I also am not naïve enough to think this little piggy who didn't want to go to the market knew exactly what was going on (or can talk, like Babe). Sure, pigs are smart—some studies say they are smarter than dogs—but did he really escape the slaughterhouse, or did he just escape an uncomfortable truck, where it was clearly so crowded he could stand atop the other animals?

We may never know whether or not he truly escaped, but I'm going to believe he's living happily ever after somewhere, in a field or big pit of mud. Oink!

And no, I'm not about to stop eating meat anytime soon. So I won't say I'm an animal rights activist. However, the conditions of this particular truck are a nod to mistreatment of slaughterhouse animals, which makes me sad…and is enough to keep me away from bacon for awhile!