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Pictures of Chocolate Can Help Weight Loss

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More fun news for chocolate lovers! Another new study is showing that pictures of chocolate can actually help with weight loss by strengthening resolve and will power. I wonder if it works if the picture is on the package of chocolate? Hmmm…


54 female students participated in the study published by Appetite, a behavioral nutrition journal, though they weren't actually aware that they were part of a weight loss study.

Researchers told the women they were participating in a memory test, and showed them pictures of a slice of chocolate cake and a flower, and then chocolate cake and an oatmeal cookie. The women who leaned toward the cake picture tended to highly prioritize their health management.

The study shows that even seeing a tempting food reminded women of their weight loss goal, and that the most effective way of putting it in to practice was to put the pictures of the tempting food on the fridge.

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