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Physique 57 Has Me Hooked On Exercise

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physique 57 challengeIt's been a few weeks since I started on my month long Physique 57 journey. So far, it's been a wild ride. At first I was cranky because I imposed this challenge on myself and I wanted to quit. Don't get me wrong, I knew I was lucky to have this opportunity, but I can be a lazy bones and a bit defiant. I hate when people tell me what to do, even when I'm the person bossing me around. I wanted to spend my indoor time not jumping around and working my fanny. After a few weeks of committed Physique57 fanny shaking, I feel differently.

Exercising alone is hard. A lot of people prefer to exercise with buddies or around people for a reason. Jumping about and stretching on chairs alone in one's room can feel a little funny in the beginning and it's difficult to get motivated when no one is looking, but you get hooked. Now, even on my “off” days when I'm not doing Physique 57 videos, I like to take breaks from lounging to do a set of exercises or to stretch my legs on the back of a chair. I wouldn't be at this point without Physique 57. The hip swiveling moves that embarrassed me at first are now so much fun, that I do them when I don't have to and insist on showing my friends. I also insist on making my some of my friends feel my muscles, which I'm pretty sure are stronger than they were three weeks ago.

At the risk of trivializing the word addiction, Physique 57 has made me addicted to true exercise again. I don't just want to volley and goof off if I play tennis, I want to work hard.  Not that I've ever been truly inactive–I like to move around and take long walks, but now I really want to sweat and feel burning and tingling in my muscles. Instead of just taking long walks and riding my bike, I want to continue a more regimented fitness routine. Maybe it's the endorphins, but I think Physique 57 is making me a better person. Once my challenge is over, I'm sure I'll return to Physique 57 videos to get my fix, but I'll also implement diligence, repetition and commitment to other areas of my life.

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