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The Physique 57 Challenge Is Already Exceeding Our High Expectations

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via Physique57

via Physique57

I've been doing Physique 57's incredible online workouts for over a week now and it's time to check in. To be completely honest, ‘m not following the challenge they've laid out to the letter (I'm a rebel and I also got the flu this week), I have not been slacking off. I haven't wanted to! Even though you don't physically have an instructor in the room, Physique 57's videos are so motivating that you do not actually want to cheat or be lazy in any way. On the days that I've been exercising, I've actually looked forward to logging on and sweating it out.

Physique 57 workouts are no joke. My butt and arms have been so sore (in a good way). The exercises are varied, so you do not get bored and even the longer workouts are action packed and go by quickly. Of all the moves, I like stretching at the barre best, or in my case the back of a chair that I use in place of a barre. Not only do I feel like a ballerina, but the recovery time is so critical because you're working your muscles big time. My 2014 goal is to be able to do the splits again. If I keep up with Physique 57, that goal will be easier to attain.

Maybe I just weighed myself at the right time, but since I've started infusing my lifestyle with almost daily doses of Physique 57, I've lost a few pounds. My weight is smack dab in the middle of the normal BMI range for my height and losing weight is not an easy feat for me. I know these workouts burn a lot of calories, but they also make me feel really good so I'm snacking more mindfully and staying especially hydrated.

The only downside I've found to Physique 57 exercise videos comes from my own personal quirk. I'm super awkward, so some of the moves can feel a little embarrassing to do alone in your living room. It's just my aversion to swiveling my hips and pretending to have a lasso in general. The sexier moves probably won't bother you if you're night the kind of nerd who felt embarrassed doing the Macarena as a child.

So far, I'm more than pleased with the challenge and I'm super duper happy I committed to it. Do yourself a favor and take advantage of our Physique57 discount and enter The Physique 57™ Online Workout Prize Pack Sweepstakes.