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Peter Sarsgaard’s Weight Loss Secret: Running and Going Gluten-Free

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Peter Sarsgaard is better-known for playing creepy dudes in movies than proffering health advice, but he recently went “from chunky to reasonable” thanks to running, and a diet that involved going gluten-free, according to a new video on Be Well Weekend with Dr. Frank Lipman. Oh, and he says it also helped him feel a lot more healthy.

Sarsgaard first started seeing Dr. Lipman two and a half years ago, when he went on his “elimination diet”–which requires cutting out gluten, dairy, eggs, and basically “anything that could possibly be bothering me,” according to Sarsgaard, who says he was looking to lose weight, but also to feel better and less tired so that he could be at his peak as an actor. He also took up running around the same time (which, coincidentally, is how he ended up becoming the director of Born to Run, the film adaptation of the book that made barefoot running a full-blown trend).

Did going gluten-free help him lose weight? Possibly; but he also cut out so many other foods (and replaced some bad habits with really good ones) that it would be hard not to lose excess weight and feel better.

Dr. Lipman's celebrity clientele might make going gluten-free seem “trendy,” but his reasoning makes us believe that it's not just about weight loss or pushing a new diet fad:

What I see clinically in my practice every day is that an increasing number of my patients feel much better when they cut gluten from their diets. People gain energy, lose weight, their aches and pains go away, arthritis symptoms improve, and digestion improves.

He's also told us before that cutting gluten out of your diet should go hand-in-hand with focusing on eating whole foods, not processed junk:

I also don’t recommend spending a lot of money on processed gluten-free snacks. Instead I recommend sticking to a diet of whole unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish, grass-fed meats, organic chicken, beans, nuts, seeds and gluten-free grains such as brown rice, quinoa and millet.

Which is pretty much a diet that should help anyone feel better and lose weight, if they're switching from a diet high in processed foods and potential food allergens.

Watch the video below for more about Sarsgaard's eating habits (and watch him play Martha Stewart with a Vitamix):