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New PETA Ad Says Fur Is Unattractive (Just Like Female Pubic Hair)

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New PETA Ad Says Fur Is Unattractive  Just Like Female Pubic Hair  joanna krupa fur trim jpgThey say two wrongs don’t make a right, so PETA just does a million things wrong in their advertising in hopes that it will somehow benefit animal rights. One of their latest features the model/actress Joanna Krupa with a bunch of fake hair stuffed into her lace underwear, to remind you that wearing fur is disgusting. Just like having pubic hair. Get it?

Stuffing anything into tiny lace underwear would probably seem pretty gross, but what’s particularly disturbing about Krupa’s fur-stuffed lingerie is the message that women who don’t shave/wax/otherwise remove all pubic hair are unattractive. Because apparently, just using naked women who conform to damaging beauty ideals isn’t getting them enough attention?

PETA’s use of misogyny to promote animal rights has been noted time and again, and while attacking women’s pubic hair is probably less offensive than making light of domestic abuse, the Holocaust, and OJ Simpson, it does nothing to boost our respect for the agency. But, as PETA’s Associate Director of Campaigns, Lindsay Rajt told us:

Years ago, it was disgraceful for women to show their knees and we all laugh at that today. And I think that some day, nudity will stop being interesting…and when that happens, we will stop using that tactic. But right now, it’s a really fun way to grab attention, and get people on the site. And that’s why we do it.

“Fun” is one way to put it.

Photo: PETA