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Fertilized Eggs Are Not People…But Colorado Doesn’t Get This

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For the third time now, women in Colorado can rest assured that their uteruses are safe and abortion is their business. The personhood movement has failed to get enough support in that state, meaning, once and for all, people may be realizing that a fertilized egg is not a person and doesn't have the same rights.

The measure was shot down yesterday after failing to get the required 86,105 signatures pro-life advocates needed to define a fertilized egg as a person and thus, ban abortions. Personhood USA, the group behind the national push for laws which would give fertilized eggs the same rights as people, has tried and failed in seven different states to make this a ballot measure for voters to once and for all decide.

In Colorado yesterday, they fell short by 4,000 signatures, but Jennifer Mason, a spokeswoman for Personhood USA told the Guardian they are demanding a recount:

We believe we have enough to place it on the ballot. We believe a number of ballot signatures were thrown out by the secretary of state.

Mason said that if there was a miscount (hanging chads, anyone?), a whole petition of signatures could be discarded erroneously. She has hired an attorney and has 30 days to challenge the count.

But, hasn't it become apparent that personhood isn't going to fly? It has already failed in Oregon, Ohio, Nevada, Montana, Florida and California. And, like we said, this is the third time it has failed in Colorado. Not only would it prohibit abortion rights for women (for any reason, including rape), but it would seriously challenge and restrict health care access for birth control and fertility treatments.

And yet, personhood advocates continue to fight to essentially take away women's rights. They believe that embryos have the same rights as we do at the time of conception. In other words, the moment an egg is fertilized with sperm it becomes a “person” just like you and me. And then, all rights that we have to control our own body are gone. Essentially, we are no longer treated as a person…but our eggs are.

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