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Personally, I Think Your Girlfriend Owes You An Explanation (however Brief) About Why She Uses The Secret Cell Phone In The First Place; And Why She Went “ballistic” And Threw You Out Of The House. However, In A Romantic Relationship, We Rarely Get The Responses, Reactions, And Results That We Want. (Which Is Why I’m Glad I’m A Cat Whose Balls Have Been Cut Off. I Don’t Require Or Crave Romance, Only Platonic Cuddling.) Unfortunately, You May Just Have To Accept That You And She Aren’t Together Anymore, And That The Relationship Is Over. You May Want To Start By Referring To Her As Your Ex-girlfriend.

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– Blisstree relationship columnist Victor the Cat with pragmatic advice for yet another reader with a complicated love-life issue, from his post: Relationships on the Rocks: Sex, Lies, and Victor the Cat (Ask Him for Advice)