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Personalized Gift For Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a week and a half away and what better way to show your Mom you love but by giving her a personalised and handmade album?

Here is a 6×6 scrapbook album I made for my Mom’s 60th birthday. I know It’s not for Mother’s Day but can be converted into one. To view the rest of the pages, click on this: Mom’s 60th.

It is good for a scrapbook album to have a core “theme” or topic to follow. It makes it easier for you to plan each page.

Topics for your scrapbook album can include:

1. Top 10 Lessons I learned from my Mom
2. We love you Because…..
3. Mother…You have touched so many Lives (Each page can include photos and messages from each of your siblings, your mother’s in-laws, grandchildren, etc).
4. All about Mom

It need not be for Mother’s Day. You can give an album for your Mother’s birthday or your parents’ wedding anniversary. A scrapbook album is very versatile and can fit any occasion you may have in mind.