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Pepsi Cola Chicken Chips: Lay’s Chips’ Newest Addition To The Family

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Pepsi Cola Chicken Chips  Lay s Chips  Newest Addition To The Family pepsi chicken potato chip flavor jpg

Ketchup chips and pickle chips cause serious potato chip flavor debates, but it seems fair to say that Lays chips new Pepsi Chicken potato chip flavor is unanimously disgusting.

The new flavor is available in China, where cola chicken (chicken cooked in Coke or Pepsi) has become a popular dish. I’ve used marinades that involve soda, and while it’s certainly not healthy, it still seems leagues better than turning that flavor into a powder and putting it on a potato chip.

The worst part is that this is isn’t even the most offensive flavor of potato chips to come out this year–Pringles officially topped the list with their white chocolate peppermint and pumpkin pie spice holiday flavors–but it still makes us wonder why food manufacturers seem hell bent on inventing junk food that grosses everyone out.

Watch this gem of junk food advertising for yourself, and rejoice in the fact that we don’t have pepsi-chicken lays chips in the U.S. (yet):