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Penny Halgren’s Recap of Quilting History

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Quilt Block History, recapped by quilter Penny Halgren, gives us insight on how this art has changed and evolved over the decades. 

Kara Mastin's Civil War Era quilt

Kara Mastin's Civil War Era quilt

With new techniques and materials, fabric artists have more to work with than their forebears did.  Manystill stick with the traditional patterns and techniques.  Others combine various ages in their work.  While the most modern quilters continue to experiment with working “outside the block.”

Reading Penny's article will give you insight of the evolution of quilting and where you are in the picture.

What type of quilting do you like to do? 

 My daughter Beth and I find we've evolved from making quilts using traditional patterns to creating with new materials and techniques, even working in mixed media, combining our scrapbooking and quiltmaking.

(Image by my granddaughter, Kara Mastin)