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Now Women Can Pee Standing Up, And It’s Kind of Awesome

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If you're a woman who has always felt slightly underprivileged for being the gender that has to squat to relieve themselves, the Pee Pocket is here to make sure you can pee like a man: Standing up.

Is this the great equalizer?!

Claiming to make life easier for us women, LIVE-RIGHT's pee pocket is a single-use urinary device that allows us to pee without feeling the burn in our quads (or coming in contact with nasty, nasty toilet seats).

Gone are the days of waiting in endless lines at concerts when we really, really need to pee. No longer will we have to squat behind trees at music festivals!

At least, says this urine catcher.

Developed by a team of doctors, the pee pocket is a waterproof (thank God for that) disposable funnel that fits easily in your purse or bag. The tri-fold design includes a hygienic tissue wipe, and disposable bag—so you can skip the line for the port-a-potty that's out of toilet paper anyway, and take matters into your own hands (gross)…without getting them dirty!

While this is actually a great idea—I have some friends with some very weak bladders—I can't fathom using this on a regular basis.

Should I just whip it out during road trips and tell my friends to “look away?” What about on BoltBus? How about crouching behind a tall dude at a music festival to relieve myself, battling disapproving stares with the, “This is way cleaner than a port-a-potty!” claim?

I sincerely hope there won't be a time where this becomes perfectly acceptable in public places. However, as a person that's peed in some questionable places—because when you gotta go, sometimes you just really gotta go—I would try it.

Especially since it's just $1.75 per pocket (or $4.95 for three).

Would you?