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Paula Deen And Family Walk Weight Loss Walk As Well As Talk the Talk

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Paula Deen‘s controversial high-fat Southern cooking and even more controversial reveal of her diabetes diagnosis have led her towards a path towards more healthful, balanced living (and a 30 lb weight loss).  Some of us at Blisstree were intially skeptical of her commitment, but it seems Paula is walking the walk as well as talking the talk—she's on the cover of People this week, discussing her own weight loss as well of that of her family.

Her husband has lost 60 lbs and each of her sons has also lost weight; 35 and 44 lbs, respectively. Apparently, they each adopted different weight loss strategies (I guess you've got to buy the issue to learn more about what they specifically did, and how). But I've got to commend her and her family for actually changing their lifestyles. Her adult sons obviously weren't obligated to lose weight, so I think it's really telling that they have and that they've agreed to appear on the cover of People with their mom, telling the world about it.

“Moderation, moderation, moderation,”

is Deen's new mantra, which I hope we'll see more of in her upcoming cookbook, The New Testament (what's up with that name, though? Hmm.) I think it's a good mantra, for sure, especially considering how emotionally-attached many of us Americans are to our good old, sugary, calorie-laden comfort food. Having Deen as an example of someone who loves traditional foods but who is also health-conscious (and has successfully lost weight) could be powerful, especially for the legions of people who love her cooking show and her recipes.

Photo: Paula Deen's Twitter