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Paula Deen Feels ‘Like A Fat Ass,’ Is ‘Eating Normal, Whatever That Is’…And She’s Finally Relatable, Too

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paula deen weight lossPaula Deen has been raked over the coals for sending mixed messages about health and nutrition, and her recent interview with the Miami Herald is no exception to the trend. The most memorable quotes? “Now, I’m eating normal, whatever normal is,” and “I still feel like a fat ass […] I need a chin lift so bad,” are my top picks. And for once, these awkward admissions make me actually like the Queen of Southern Cuisine.

Deen was at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, where she mostly seemed to stick with the same canned speeches about her weight loss, her son Bobby‘s healthy recipes, and the defense of her unhealthy southern cooking that she's been delivering to magazines and fans since she announced her diabetes. But the author either got her to do shots, or Deen hasn't adapted to her new alcohol tolerance since losing weight, because the queen of Southern cooking definitely went off script talking about her weight and diet.
Since she announced her diabetes (and lucrative deal as spokesperson for Novo Nordisk diabetes drugs), she's been adamant that she never encouraged her fans to eat an unhealthy diet that would increase their risk of disease, and she's downplayed the role that her cooking had in causing her to be overweight or sick in the first place. In that spirit, she offered the same boilerplate answers we've heard before when talking about her recent diet changes and weight loss:

“I knew I couldn’t just talk the talk, I had to walk the walk,” Deen said. “I had to become responsible for myself before I could help anyone else.”

…and about why she's still featuring unhealthy recipes on her show:

“It’s entertainment. I’ve never told somebody to eat fried chicken, biscuits and gravy every day,” Deen said. “I probably have worked in more light dishes, but I don’t know if people would tune in if I did nothing but salads.”

But in some pretty out-of-character moments, she also admitted that she “feels like a fat ass” and that she “is eating normal, whatever normal means.” Hallelujah! It sucks that she feels bad about her weight, and that she's confused about what “normal” eating is…but it's a lot more human than most of what she's been saying on the topics, and it makes her a whole lot more relatable

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