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Patrick Wilson’s Wife Just Ended The Dumb Debate Over Whether He Would Screw Lena Dunham IRL

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Patrick Wilson's wifeA few episodes into season two of Girls, most of us have gotten used to seeing Lena Dunham naked. We've even managed to stop discussing the size of her thighs and whether or not she's obese. (Ok, everyone but Howard Stern, but what else would you expect?) But then she went and had TV sex with Patrick Wilson, and the internet collectively regressed to rating Lena Dunham's looks on a scale of “Patrick Wilson would never screw her IRL” to “Patrick Wilson would screw her IRL.” She's “not conventionally attractive,” people keenly observe, and Wilson is. So there's no way that they could ever have sex in real life! And how can we even watch TV that isn't realistic?!

A lot of awesome bloggers and TV critics have intelligently written about why this whole Patrick Wilson/Lena Dunham sex debate is juvenile and ignorant, but the best response I've seen came from Polish-American actress Dagmara Domińczyk–who happens to be married to Patrick Wilson, in real life. In response to a tweet summing up the worst takeaways from last weekend's episode–“Patrick Wilson is so hot he would never do Lena Dunham” –she quipped back:

And then everyone googled Patrick Wilson's wife and thought about the fact that people don't feel attracted to people based on whether the dudes at Slate think they fall on the same spot in their attractiveness scale. We hope.

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