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Passing Down the Breastfeeding Knowledge

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This morning, my 1.5-year-old found a doll of her 7-year-old sister's. She didn't want to give it up, and I told my older daughter that I would not intervene because the doll was not being hurt and there was no reason not to let her sister play with it. My older daughter knew she couldn't grab the doll out of her sister's hands, so she had to get creative. She applied the attachment parenting techniques that I have used in the past! She asked enthusiastically, “Do you want to come with me and put dolly to bed?” My toddler nodded and started following her sister upstairs. Halfway up the stairs on the landing, they had to make a stop. What do you do before you put a baby to bed? You nurse her, of course!

My 19-month-old nursing the dolly

It was lovely to see how my older daughter handled the situation with her younger sister, and it was such fun when she called out, “Mom, you've got to come see this! It's so cute!” Good thing I knew to grab the camera on the way. I have pictures of each of my three girls nursing a dolly at some point. I will have to get them printed and put away in an album, so that if and when my girls decide to have children of their own, they will remember what wonderful breastfeeding advocates they were in their youth!