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Part 1 – Interview With Pat Pearson: Author Of Stop Self Sabotage

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Part 1   Interview with Pat Pearson  Author of Stop Self Sabotage 51hcynqvlql sl500 aa240 jpgRemember the recent giveaway we had for the book Stop Self-Sabotage?

There was a tremendous response to that giveaway and for good reason. Aren’t we all guilty of self-sabotage at one time or another? Well I’m thrilled to give you this interview with the author of that book, Pat Pearson. Pat had a lot of great things to say, so Part 1 of 4 will run today. Be sure to check back tomorrow. Each new day we’ll run the next part. I guarantee you’ll get a lot out of what she has to say.

Enjoy Part 1 of our interview with Pat Pearson.

Part 1   Interview with Pat Pearson  Author of Stop Self Sabotage patpearsonimage jpgI enjoyed reading Stop Self-Sabotage. What prompted you to write about this subject?

Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed reading STOP Self-Sabotage. There is great response to the book. We are sure it is because the subject matter is striking a chord – we all self-sabotage.
Self-sabotage is the limiting factor in our personal belief system that keeps us from getting all that we really want. That limiting factor is all about what I have come to term, “Deserve Level.” What we believe we deserve – in our relationships, finances, career and health – is what we will make happen. The point being, if you don’t believe you deserve it – you won’t let yourself have it.

As a psychotherapist listening to the unhappiness of my clients, I was often troubled that so many people weren’t getting what they wanted in their lives. The kind of question I heard most frequently was: “Why is it taking me so long to get what I want?” It’s not because they didn’t deserve it. It’s not because they didn’t want it bad enough.

It IS because of limiting factor in our belief systems – it is self sabotage. We have conflicting thoughts and beliefs about actually having what we say we want. Throughout our lives we most likely have heard the message: “You can’t have it all.” Translation: if we really have – or become – everything we want, we will lose something important. Well, it’s time to stop those tapes and listen to something new. I wrote the book for everyone in order to provide tools to reach higher levels of success in health, relationships, career, and much, much more. Along with step-by-step strategies to help conquer the limiting beliefs and most common pitfalls of self-sabotage, I share truths from those who faced their limiting beliefs and moved around, over, under, or through their self-imposed barriers to have the kind of life they wanted.

The answer is, I believe, “Deserve Level” — the fact that we don’t believe we deserve what we say we really want. You can raise your Deserve Level to accept your right to be happy, worthy, and successful. You have the right to create opportunities for fulfillment and the right to choose to live in joy and peace, rather than in the hostilities that come from fear.

My hope is everyone who reads STOP Self-Sabotage will be inspired and motivated – and soon sharing the story of their own triumph over self-sabotage.

Thanks, Pat. Be sure to check back tomorrow for Part 2 of our interview.

Book image from Amazon. Author image used with permission.