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Papa John’s Created A Frito Pizza, In Related News All Of Your Drunk Food Dreams Just Came True

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Papa John s Created A Frito Pizza  In Related News All Of Your Drunk Food Dreams Just Came True pizza cooking gif

When you were little, did you ever crush up potato chips and crumble them all over your pizza like you were using some exotic spice? I did, and I thought I was the classiest and most innovative lady of them all. But as he is wont to do, good ol’ Papa John has upstaged me once again. If you’ve heard of french fry pizza and thought the nothing could possibly be better, you are about to be dead wrong.

Papa John’s has created the most amazing new pizza in all the land: the Frito Chili Cheese Pizza. Yes, someone in the world of Papa John’s has made the executive decision to not give two hoots about your arteries or overall health and instead chose to focus on your happiness. So, really, you should be getting your thank-you cards ready. Rather than sit here and read about how great it is, wouldn’t you like to see it for yourself? I thought so:

This most perfect meal is only going to be sold until November 23, so I suggest you buy as many as your little arms can carry, pack them in an extra freezer, and pull them out come Thanksgiving for a meal that’s one million times easier and more satisfactory than turkey. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

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