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Panera Bread Promises To Stop Adding Gross Dyes To Their Food…When They Get Around To It

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It's super exciting to see that big brands are starting to be held accountable for the less-than-healthy ingredients in their popular dishes. Kraft has stopped dyeing its cheese neon orangeChipotle is committed to not passing off genetically modified foods as organicSubway has stopped filling their bread with chemicals found in yoga mats. And with the announcement that they're going to phase out artificial coloring and additives by 2016, Panera Bread is the latest casual dining restaurant to up its health game.

I'm not sure why it'll take two years for Panera to stop adding caramel coloring to its roast beef, but progress is progress! According to CBS, this decision was motivate by America's growing intolerance for unnatural foods– and, of course, the FDA's inability to keep pretending our eating habits are healthy:

The chain's announcement comes amid growing concern about impact of artificial food coloring and additives, with the Food and Drug Administration studying the impact of food coloring on children and Americans are now eating five times the amount of food dyes they did half a century ago.

I kind of wish we weren't celebrating these companies for doing, like, the bare minimum, but it's still a victory. It's great to see that we're working towards making our food safer, and it's great to know that we won't always have to splurge at Whole Foods to get meals that aren't full to the brim with dyes and chemicals. There's no word yet on whether Panera will need to up their prices to accommodate these changes, but If I can get a sandwich that wasn't crafted in a lab, I'm willing to pay a little more.

H/T CBS News // Photo: Getty Images