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Paint Types and Their Uses

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There is an overwhelming variety of painting material available in today's marketplace. They are used in a number of general categories. Water based paints tend to be the number one choice when it comes to painting walls because it is fast drying and easy to use on large surfaces.

Kathy Zengolewicz

Flat latex is water based with a dull matte finish. It is easy to work with and has a low odor. It can be used for walls and ceilings and its especially suitable on newly plastered surfaces.

Vinyl flat latex is water based with a wipeable matte finish. It is better wearing than regular flat latex. It helps conceal any surface imperfections.

Vinyl gloss latex is water based with a high sheen. It is practical and washable. It is very suitable for kitchens and bathrooms because it is easy to clean.

Semi-gloss is an oil based paint with a medium sheen. Some semi-gloss paints are low odor and more user friendly than others. Semi-gloss is recommended for wall and ceilings and particularly suitable to high traffic areas.

Quick drying semi-gloss is a water based acrylic with a medium sheen. It is suitable for walls and ceilings. It is hard wearing, low odor and great for its fast drying properties.

Textured paint is water based with a thick matte finish. It can be left plain or have a pattern superimposed. It works well covering poor surfaces and cracks.

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