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Pain From The Inside, Out

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When a building is attacked it is often from the outside, in… hitting the walls to bring it down.

When a heart is attacked through grief, it strikes me that the pain comes from inside. You feel as though you crumble from the inside, out. You then scramble from

1) Having all the emotional rubble on show to the world who understands to

2) Trying to hide the derelict emotional wreck who doesn’t understand how to function properly without their soul mate!

The second I find happens because others grieve for a shorter period. They start to move on much quicker than the widow or widower….and somehow the world expects you to get a grip…..or expects that with time the pain is less. Both of these two ideas are right, they are a rational expectation BUT for an irrational emotion….grief.

You know that I like my analogies….so I would say that we just have to display that scaffold to the world to show that we are repairing, for them to beware that we are still unstable but showing that we are not ready to be condemned and that we will be back at our beautiful best once those tears in our heart are repaired.

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