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Overweight Moms May Cause Baby Heart Defect

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Doctors and researchers have put together a new study that shows that overweight pregnant women may actually cause heart defects in their babies.  From my readings this isn’t just if someone becomes obese or overweight while pregnant but before they get pregnant.

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The CDC wrote:
United States finds that women who were overweight or obese before they became pregnant had an approximately 18 percent increased risk of having a baby with certain heart defects compared with women who were of normal body mass index (BMI) before they became pregnant.  Severely obese women had approximately a 30 percent increased risk, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.    

The study actually showed a lot of common links with pregnant women that were obese (overweight, I hate the other word) before getting pregnant had babies that had several different types of heart disease. By this I do not mean one baby had several but several babies had different types of heart disease.

The study looked at 25 types of heart defects and found associations with obesity for 10 of them. Five of these 10 types were also associated with being overweight before pregnancy. Women who were overweight but not obese had approximately a 15 percent increased risk of delivering a baby with certain heart defects. 

The study accounted for several important factors such as maternal age and race–ethnicity. Mothers with type 1 or 2 diabetes before they got pregnant, a strong risk factor for heart defects, were excluded from the study.

While this does not mean it is 100% accurate, they are stating they have found links. If you know you want to get pregnant you may want to talk with your doctor ahead of time just to see if they have any medical advice for you.