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Our Thanksgiving Survival Guide: 25 Ideas To Get You Through The Holiday Weekend

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It’s Monday. Thanksgiving is Thursday. All ready for turkey day? If you’re human, we’re guessing the answer is no. You’ve still got some decisions to make, which is why we’ve compiled 25 of our best Thanksgiving ideas in one place — from holiday recipes and movies to eco-friendly ideas and tips on how to deal with annoying relatives. So whether you’re looking for a different dessert choice or a festive cocktail, you’ll find all your Thanksgiving fixins right here. Which leaves you plenty of time to pick out a stylish turkey day outfit with an elastic waistband.

1. Guilt-Free (Vegetarian) Thanksgiving: Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup

2. Please Pass the Pepto: 10 Utterly Nauseating Dishes to Avoid on Thanksgiving

3. Thanksgiving Food Coma: Are Smart Eating Choices Possible on Turkey Day? Foodtrainers Nutritionist Lauren Slayton Weighs In

4. Original Thanksgiving Recipes: Cranberry Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Roasted Fall Vegetables From Vegan Chef Douglas McNish

5. Recipe Gallery: 10 Warm Cocktails to Heat Up the Holiday Season

6. Thanksgiving Gallery: 10 Thoroughly Revolting Desserts You Don’t Want to Eat Next Thursday

7. Gallery: 10 Classic Movies I Watch Over Thanksgiving to (Temporarily) Escape Family Melodrama

8. Thanksgiving-In-a-Can: 10 Completely Processed Holiday Foods You Don’t Want on Your Dinner Table

9. Thanksgiving Gallery: 10 Surprising Recipes for Leftovers That Top Cold Turkey

10. The Grateful Guest: 10 Eco-Friendly Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving

11. 10 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Dishes From Celebrities: Meatless Monday Recipe Roundup

12. Gallery: 10 Thanksgiving Movies That May Make You Appreciate Your Crazy Family

13. Foods We’re Not Thankful For: 6 Really Bad Thanksgiving Menu Items From Chain Restaurants

14. Gallery: 10 Festive Cocktails to Get You Through Thanksgiving Dinner

15. Green Turkey Gallery: 10 Ways to Make Thanksgiving More Eco-Friendly

16. Gear Down for Thanksgiving: 10 Kitchen Supplies You Don’t Need for the Holidays

17. Holiday Gallery: 10 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes

18. Vegetarian Thanksgiving, Minus the Tofurkey: 10 Meat-Free Entrees That Don’t Pretend to Be Animals

19. Holiday Baking Prep: 10 Dessert Recipes to Try Before Thanksgiving

20. Ask Victor the Cat for Relationship Advice: Thanksgiving With Annoying Relatives Edition

21. My Wife and I Always Spend the Holidays Apart (And We Like It That Way)

22. Recipe Gallery: 10 Uncommon Thanksgiving Pies to Bake This Week

23. Original (Thanksgiving) Recipe: Crisp Phyllo Purses Filled With Roasted Red Pepper, Spinach, and Tofu

24. De-Guilt Fall Baking: 5 Healthy Pie Crust Recipes

25. Got a Steller Thanksgiving Recipe? Share It With Us and Win 1 of 3 New Cookbooks