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10 Weird And Fascinating Facts About Clones

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First Ever Commercial Pet Cloning Completed In South Korea

Joyce McKinney over the moon with her clone pup.

The skin-crawlingly weird hit show, Orphan Black is returning to the little screen, so obviously I can't get my mind off clones.

Cloning is undeniably fascinating albeit controversial subject. Regardless of one's knowledge of the actual science behind cloning, the very concept is so viscerally odd that even the layman can and will have feelings about it. The sci-fi like possibilities would have massive implications that incite both fear of mad scientists, and excitement in terms of the scientific potential.

Here are 10 facts about cloning that are as creepy and interesting as clones themselves:

  1. All navel oranges are clones.
  2. The term “clone” was coined by  biologist JBS Haldane in 1963.
  3. CLONAID™ is considered the “first human cloning company in the world.” They claim to have successfully cloned humans.
  4. There is no solid evidence that human cloning has actually occurred.
  5. Under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the reproductive cloning of humans is banned.
  6. The first animal ever cloned was a sea urchin. In the 1880s, a German biologist named Hans Driesch used an embryo sell to clone the urchin.
  7. Dolly the sheep, named for Dolly Parton, was the first mammal to be successfully cloned from an adult cell. She lived for six years.
  8. 95% of animal cloning attempts fail.
  9. For about $100,000, a lab in South Korea will clone your pet for you. A woman very recently won a contest to have her beloved pet replicated.
  10. The former Miss Wyoming World, Joyce Bernann McKinney, had her dog cloned. That's not even the weirdest thing she ever did. McKinney was the subject of an Errol Morris documentary called Tabloid(2010) due to the media frenzy around the time she kidnapped her Mormon fiancé.

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