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Oregon Becomes The First State To Allow Non-Binary Gender on Driver’s Licenses

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Happy Pride! Little by little, society is progressing and the state of Oregon just signed a bill that will allow non-binary individuals to declare themselves as such on their official driver's license.

For those who may not know what non-binary gender is, it describes those who feel as though they don't necessarily fit strictly into the male or female category. This ruling comes as exciting news for the LGBT community as Pride month is being celebrated nationwide. Sean O'Halloren, an employee of The Oregon Transportation Commission, stated: “It's fitting that this is before us during Pride week in Oregon and Pride month around the country.”

The Oregon Transportation Commission approved a bill that would add a third option for gender on ID cards. For years, people who didn't identify as male or female would have to use their assigned gender on their birth certificate on their license — which can feel dishonest and straight-up wrong for those who identify as trans and non-binary. This is still the case in most U.S. states where generally cards typically list “F” for female and “M” for male when it asks about gender. But in Oregon, they will now add the option of “X” for those who don't identify with either gender. This will go into effect on July 1st.

It wasn't just State officials who passed this bill along — the decision was widely supported by Oregon people, as well. According to Buzzfeed, the DMV reported that 85.5% of people voiced their support for this new resolution. Hopefully, this ruling can help those who identify as a non-binary gender person to feel recognized, and hopefully, other states start following in Oregon's footsteps!

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