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Oral Sex Causes More Oral Cancer Than Cigarettes

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Oral Sex Causes More Oral Cancer Than Cigarettes oral sex oral cancer jpgAccording to new research, oral sex causes more oral cancer than cigarettes in the U.S. $#*%! And we thought sex was supposed to be good for you…

Apparently, oral cancer has become rampant, particularly among white men, with cases increasing 225% between 1974 and 2007 (According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, diagnoses are up to 37,000 people per year). Maura Gillison, an Ohio State University researcher, blames the human papilloma virus (HPV), which she says accounts for as much as 64% of throat cancer cases and beating out tobacco use as the leading cause of oral and throat cancers. She also notes that the more oral sex partners someone has, the greater his cancer risk.

There are over 100 strains of HPV, about 40 of which can be sexually transmitted; while many assume that oral sex is safe, it easily transmits HPV and other STDs.

In more uplifting news: Women’s Health says that semen can make your teeth healthy. That’s worth something, right?

via CNN