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Oprah’s Most Valuable Spiritual Lessons

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Oprah s Most Valuable Spiritual Lessons blisstree oprah jpgHas anyone else been watching Oprah‘s Lifeclass? I have to admit, when I first heard about her new show on OWN, I was skeptical. Like, why is she re-hashing her old shows? Why is she holding on to the past and not moving forward? But then, for lack of nothing better on TV lately, I tuned in and learned how wrong I was. She is in the process of teaching me some really valuable life lessons about emotions and spirituality and overall well-being. I especially liked what she said last night.

Her lesson was all about the people we allow into our lives, the energy they bring us and the energy we bring them. She was talking about the famous lesson she learned from Maya Angelou who said, “When people show you who they are, believe them”. She went on to say how she learned about bad relationships by asking the question, “Why are you blaming the other person? He told you who he was”. That process of allowing someone into our lives who has let us down, been untrustworthy or brought negative energy is good information that will allow us to see, the first time, who they really are.

Oprah went on to explain (and this is the part I liked best) that the moment we allow someone to bring us their negativity, it slowly but surely chips away at our soul. Every time we are around someone who is not good for us, they take away who we really are. Her advice? Divorce them! Not literally (OK, maybe if it’s a bad marriage we’re talking about), but distance yourself from any friend or family member or co-worker who doesn’t bring positivity into your life and doesn’t have your best interest at heart. To me, that was really powerful because so often in our lives, we are made to feel like we should just “stick it out”, “put up with it” or “get over it”, when in reality, if a relationship is not working for us, we need to “free ourselves” and give ourselves permission to change it.

Some of my other favorite spiritual lessons from her so far include:

Stop holding on to the past. Oprah and spiritual guru, Gary Zukav talked to a set of parents who lost a newborn baby. In order for them to move forward, they explained how important it is to see our physical selves and our personality (which is temporary) as separate from our spiritual selves (which lives forever and has a much bigger purpose than we can imagine).

You become what you believe. She explained how vital it is that we have faith in ourselves and how dreams can continue to come true, as evidenced by Jim Carrey and Ralph Lauren.

Allow yourself to age beautifully. By talking to people like Cybill Shepherd, Ali MacGraw and Jamie Lee Curtis about the fear of aging and how we can’t continue to define ourselves by our beauty.

Don’t you love that? How did Oprah become so wise?

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