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Daily Fail: Oprah Didn’t Have A Breast Cancer Scare Because She Chose Career Over Kids

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oprah breast cancer scareOprah opened up about a breast cancer scare at a conference in Los Angeles last month, and she also told the New York Times about her struggles at the helm of OWN and O Magazine. The Daily Mail‘s summary is dramatized, as can be expected, but it also couches a pretty offensive dig at women who choose to focus on their careers, minus a family–in the form of scientific claims about breast cancer risk.

Oprah's breast cancer scare (which turned out to be a false alarm) is only related to comments about her career by virtue of the fact that Oprah announced it in front of 5,000 people at the O magazine conference in Los Angeles last month, where she also discussed the future of her business, both on stage and in an interview with the New York Times‘ Christine Haughney. But the Daily Mail found their own link; an unsupported tidbit of science in the form of a jab women who aren't mothers:

“Researchers have found that childless women like her are more likely to develop breast cancer than those who give birth.”

The Daily Mail's judgements are usually pretty offensive, but this one is particularly upsetting: While research has shown a slightly higher breast cancer risk for childless women, they're throwing out the claim without further information, links to studies, or quotes from doctors. (Or, more importantly, comments from Oprah herself on how her life choices may impact her health.) Instead, they're mostly just passing judgement on women for making unconventional choices in the form of cautionary health advice.

Oprah has been wide open about her diet, exercise, weight issues, and health in general–all of which are clearly related to breast cancer risk–but blaming it on her choice to be childless and focus on her career is pretty outlandish (especially because Oprah doesn't even have breast cancer; the connection is made mostly to scare readers and remind us that, hey: if you don't have kids, you're up next).

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