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Opel’s Share At Frankfurt

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Another cool vehicle making its way at the Frankfurt Motor Show in Germany is going to be yet another hybrid unit. This one is the Corsa Hybrid which comes from Opel.The Corsa Hybrid uses the ECOflex system and it has been made as a subcompact model. For power, the vehicle uses the combination of diesel and electricity. It comes having a power source that is capable of using 63 horsepower. It has the efficiency of 52 miles per gallon as well.

You may see that the hybrid vehicle is very much like the Opel Corsa 1.3 CDTI turbodiesel unit. Now that is quite true for the hybrid has been based on the production unit.

Although still not a full hybrid system, the Corsa’s hybrid technology is already ready to make use of electricity alone as its power source. It also comes using the Belt Assisted Started (or the BAS) which helps out in providing the needed electricity to the vehicle.

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[Image from NetCarShow.com]