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Online Dating Doesn’t Pay Off As Much As You Think, So Don’t Start Paying For Tinder Plus Just Yet

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If your Tinder feed is coming up short lately, don’t be too discouraged. Apparently, online dating is paying off less than we originally thought.

The $2.2-billion-dollar online dating industry — full of apps like Tinder, Happn, Bumble and Hinge, and websites like HowAboutWe, Match.com and OkCupid — claims it can help you find ‘The One’ (okay, when it comes to Tinder, maybe just sex). Yet a recent study from Mic says that you have much better chances of meeting your next match through mutual friends than online.

I guess finding a boyfriend isn’t as easy as a few simple swipes of the thumb, huh?

Mic surveyed 2,373 coupled 18-to-34-year-olds and found that only 9.4 percent reported meeting their significant other (SO) on an online dating website or app. Compared to the 38.6 percent of couples who reported finding their partners “through friends in common,” this new information suggests online dating may not be delivering on its promise.

Apparently, it’s time to start playing wingman (and wingwoman). The most common way to meet a new BF or GF is through pals you already know. That means it’s time to start asking your best friends, lunch-date-level coworkers and book club biddies for the hook-up to a well-deserving guy they know. It makes sense — if you like your friend and your potential new boyfriend like your friend, you already have one thing in common! Just make sure they don’t like her too much, if you know what I mean.

As for the rest of the survey, 22.3 percent reportedly met their partners “out in a social setting” (we know that means a bar), while 17.9 percent met their BF/GFs through work. All you introverts out there, take note: this means 78.8 percent of respondents actually met in person. As in, without hiding behind a screen, or a cheesy Tinder pickup line, or even without the luxury of being able to stalk them aggressively online before your first date. Six percent responded they met their SO through an alternative method, but we’re really unsure what “other” methods are out there. (Whoever is part of the six percent, please enlighten us.)

So if online dating really isn’t for you, or you’ve gone on a million dates already and haven’t found anyone really worthy of that swipe right, don’t be alarmed. You can meet actual, decent people IRL too. I know it’s much, much, much more difficult than hiding behind a screen, but at the very least, you’ll receive less dick pics.

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