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Awww: One Direction’s Tour Workout Of Choice Is Zumba

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2013 NRJ Music Awards

What does British boy band One Direction have in common with our own Gym Classy lady and millions of ladies worldwide? Why, Zumba, of course! D'awwww.

Word has it that the group is taking Zumba classes to prepare for the grueling singing and dancing that will be required on their upcoming world tour. They don't do the synchronized dances those of us old ladies of the 90s/2000s remember from our *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys fandom days, but since their show is so active, Zumba is thought to give the boys a bit more practice with the hip-thrusty moves they're known for.

According the British mag The Sun's source:

The lads are not natural movers so them dancing to Latin music is a sight to behold. But they know it’s good for fitness so they’re putting in the graft.

Now, I'm a little old for One Direction (all I know about them is something about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles?), but they certainly have many, many, many devoted fans, most of whom are young girls. I think it's good that they're following a fitness routine that's within the reach of many of their fans.  It's not cutting-edge. It's not crazy. They're not doing acrobatics or working with an expensive personal trainer or anything like that. One Direction is utilizing Zumba, an attainable, normal, fun and peppy workout routine that's already been around for a few years.

Personally, I think it's super cute, imagining five British young men bopping around to the same tunes and dances that play in studios frequented by moms and grannies. It makes me like them a little bit more, makes them seem less like OMG teen heartthrobs and more like normal guys just trying to do their jobs. If I were a One Direction fan already, I'm sure I'd be gushing over the adorable normalcy of their Zumba routine.  Maybe it will get some of their many fans to take up Zumba and start a fitness routine themselves. Couldn't hurt, right?

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