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OK! Magazine Is Already Discussing Kate Middleton’s Baby Weight

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Pop quiz, everyone!

Question: What happens to women’s weights when they get pregnant?
Answer: It goes up!

Question: What happens to magazines when a famous person gives birth?
Answer: They become littered with appalling, reprehensible stories about said women losing weight, gaining weight, wearing bikinis, getting “post-baby bodies” and, most of all, being fat.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s discuss how insane it is that OK! has already published an article regarding Kate Middleton‘s baby weight, which she has because she just had a f’ing baby.

The piece, now available only via Google cache, reads:

Kate Middleton will slim back to her pre-baby body in no time, experts have exclusively revealed to OK! Magazine.

Kate has stuck to a healthy diet for the past nine months and it’s thought she’ll be keen to return to her pre-pregnancy svelte figure.

A source told OK!: “She even proudly said how she wanted to squeeze back into her favourite jeans soon after the baby was born!”

Royal expert Jennie Bond thinks the Duchess will need no such post-baby diet and fitness plan if she opts to breastfeed the little one.

Many people, particularly on Twitter, have justifiably criticized the magazine’s choice to include a Duchess of Cambridge diet story already.

Pro-tip: the best way to support a new mother is not to comment on her “pre-pregnancy svelte figure” and its return. It’s ridiculous. That “source” is probably somebody who once accidentally brushed up against her in the supermarket. STFU.

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