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America’s Dogs Are Also Obese

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America s Dogs Are Also Obese shutterstock 89005915 jpgUS dogs are facing an obesity epidemic, just like US people. It’s like that scene in Disney’s 101 Dalmatians that shows dog owners looking just like their dogs, only with obesity.

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, more than half of our nation’s dogs are overweight. More than half! The group was started by a veterinarian concerned about the growing problem to raise awareness because “in dogs, as in people, extra weight is linked to diabetes, arthritis andhigh blood pressure as well as kidney and respiratory diseases.” Oh no!

How do we stop canine obesity in it’s adorable but heartbreaking tracks? Veterinarian’s advice for dogs is similar to Doctor’s advice for humans: strict diet and exercise regimens. Experts recommend making sure that store bought food for your pet is endorsed by the Association of American Feed Control Officials and consults with a vet before making your own dog food.

Putting a dog on a diet seems simple enough (unless you’re so tenderhearted that you cannot deny your pudgy pooch when he begs for extra grub), but getting exercise in seems like a more difficult task. If you’re too lazy or too busy or are otherwise to preoccupied to exercise your obese dog, you can send them to a fancy fitness center to have professionals help them drop the excess weight. Fitness programs for dogs, what a world!

The original New York Times article has a lot of great information for pet owners on how to help their animals slim down as well as some adorable tales of dieting dogs.

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