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NYC Subway Yogis Aren’t Worth Taking So Seriously

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Two New York yogis seemed to reignite the ongoing debate over what yoga truly is and whether we should refrain from commercializing what should be a spiritual endeavor, in a public display on the city's subway system last week. From being called entertaining and amusing to distasteful and narcissistic, some people certainly got their lululemon pants in a wad over this one.

In a post titled, “Yoga Morons Pose All Over NYC Subway Car”, Gawker writes:

Yoga is a beautiful, ancient tradition that helpfully reduces stress and probably benefits your internal organs and soul and whatever else people are made out of. Unfortunately, Lululemonheads like these two have ruined it for the next several decades. Isn't their little public performance so joie de vivre and spontaneous and FUN? NO, it is not. It is dumb and obnoxious. We would rather sit on a train car full of shoe lickers than have to endure one of these.

Another blogger from Daily vs. Vidz goes on to say:

I hate pompous, self righteous bullshit act [sic] like this on the subway. they're [sic] attention craving creatures, with the delusion that their presence is going to be fun for everyone. They're just another form of road block that makes getting home on the MTA that much more of a bother.

But several commenters on YogaDork, including this one, defend our rights to yogi however we please:

So much anger and vitriol over something that doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s sad really. Why do you care what yoga is or isn’t? Why can’t you just do what you think yoga is without expressing such disgust with what makes others happy? What does it have to do with you? Let go. Let go. Let go…

Is it just me, or do you think some people take yoga too seriously? What's wrong with having a little fun? It's too bad when “purists” think they need to control the way we do things. If you ask 100 people what yoga means to them, you will likely get 100 different responses, and they will all be good. It's OK to laugh and play around with poses. It's OK to practice in a way that makes it fun and interesting to you. And, as someone who loves seeing people do yoga on the sidewalk, in the street or in the middle of the airport, it's certainly OK to yoga wherever you please. Hell, I've even done it in my bathroom and on my driveway.

Maybe the anti-fun-yogis are just a tad bit jealous that they can't pull off these poses–on a moving subway, no less.

What do you think?

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