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Stock Up On Nutella Today, Or Soon You’ll Be Bidding For An Overpriced Jar On Ebay

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Nutella Shortage Makes Us Want to Cry

If the last time you bought Nutella wasn’t, well, in the last 5 minutes, you might want to run back to the store. Because prices for the gooey, spreadable, cocoa hazelnut jar of deliciousness are about to go way, way up.

In probably the worst news we’ve heard since the global wine shortage of 2013, surging crop prices are up by 60 percent, which is at a ten-year high according to the Weather Channel.

And while we don’t mind stocking up on the tasty spread (it goes on everything! Toast, fruit, in our oatmeal, EVERYWHERE), the fact that the commodity could soon be disappearing off shelves and basically held for ransom money is quite discomforting. And scary.

So where do we take our pitchforks and flaming torches  (because obviously, we’re protesting)?

Mother Nature, apparently.

A season of bad weather caused frost to damage the hazelnut crop in Turkey, which supplies 70 percent of the world’s hazelnuts. Due to the damage (and disappearing crops), the industry is preparing for a small harvest of the nut, meaning the availability of Nutella and other hazelnut-based items (like Cadbury milk chocolate and hazelnut candy bars…yes, this really is a crisis) could become scarce.

Limes faced a similar problem this spring due to bad weather and disease that spread throughout Mexico’s lime industry. But while a lime is a great addition to my Corona Light, it doesn’t quite complete the taste of something quite like Nutella spread does.

Our advice? Head to the supermarket and stock up. You don’t want to go without this delicacy for too long–and you don’t want to get stuck paying $50 for a jar on the black market, either.

If you’re broke, but still feening for it (it can be addicting), check out Time’s definitive ranking of Nutella alternatives.

But since we have a feeling you’ll want to get your fix (especially after reading this), here are 100 Nutella recipes to concoct, like, ASAP.

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