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Now You Can Use The Alphabet To Hate Your Body

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spelling sexy womanThis post was brought to you by the letter F. Seriously, eff this shit.

If you thought comparing your body to different kinds of fruit was an effective way to be hard on yourself, think again.

There's a new way to objectify your own body as pioneered by ad-guys in South Korea. It's apparently called “Alphabetization” and it involves comparing your body or face to letters of the alphabet in order “to identify their shape.” We really needed a fresh way to categorize women based on physical appearance.

Let's go over some of the letters of the alphabet and how they relate to human bodies:

  • D– The arching curve of the capital letter D represents a big stomach, like a pregnant woman's.
  • S– The S-line is the new hourglass. If you turn to the side and your big titties and booty make an S shape, you don't have to hate yourself. You have what is considered the most desirable shape. Now don't fuck it up.
  • V– This one actually refers to face shape and not body type. The v-line face  is “slim and oval…narrowing towards the chin.”
  • X- This body type is coveted by the kids. The description of the X shape won't really help you figure out what it means. The intersection of the lines is supposed to signify an enviable human waist. High School and College girls in South Korea want bods with “long legs and arms connected by a narrow waist.”

There are other letters that are apparently supposed to make the female body easy to categorize and they're just as objectifying and goofy.

The alphabet code is rumored to have started when a “weight-loss drink used the X waist in its marketing campaign in 2008” and has been a big deal in South Korean business since. Maybe something is lost in translation, but I have a feeling this isn't really a thing that is going to catch on over here. Oof I hope not. Alphabetizing is a great way to organize books, but not people.
via The Daily Mail//Image via Shutterstock