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Not All Dairy Is ‘Evil’; Skim Milk Can Help With Gout

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Yesterday, we began the Great Milk Debate here at Blisstree. We kicked it off by asking, “Is Dairy The Next Evil Food Group?”And while there are plenty of good reasons to ditch the dairy, a new study indicates that skim milk may be beneficial at treating gout–a common form of arthritis–and its symptoms.

Published in last week's Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, researchers evaluated 120 patients who had experienced at least two flare-ups from gout during the past four months. Participants were given one of three types of milk products to consume once a day: lactose powder, skim milk powder or skim milk powder enriched with glycomacropeptide (GMP) and G600 milk fat extract (G600), both of which are found naturally in dairy products.

After three months, the researchers discovered that those who drank the enriched skim milk had a much greater reduction in gout flare-ups than patients in the other two groups. Patients also had greater improvements in pain, joint tenderness and the amount of uric acid in their urine.

All of this is interesting because prior research showed a higher risk of gout among those who didn't consume enough dairy. This leads us to believe that the type of dairy is what's really important.

Stay tuned for more insights on milk this week at Blisstree, and then you decide what's right for you.


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